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Cottages, Coves & Coasts

A Hosted Voyage

Join Shari & David Coster on this 10-Day Voyage!

(415) 453-2208 Call Today!

Cruise Overview

Mother Nature will provide the awe-inspiring entertainment on this voyage, and the Northeast is her graceful palette.

   -Contrast New England’s rocky shoreline and crashing surf with Newport’s most extravagant mansions during a stroll along the spectacular Cliff Walk trail

   -While in Bar Harbor, travel to the top of Cadillac Mountain to admire views from the highest point on North America’s Eastern Seaboard

   -Tour the picturesque lighthouses that guard the dramatic coastline, and follow it with a lunch of freshly caught lobster for a quintessential Halifax experience

   -Experience Mother Nature’s last encore when Insignia sails the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic, arriving at the pink shores of Bermuda

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